Our Life in TAHLEQUAH!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I don't know about your mommy, but my mommy is crazy and camera crazy.. She makes me make this face all of the time. I must say I am pretty good at it!!

Until I finally say.. ok enoguh put a cap on it!

I mean it mommy.... Or I wont eat my pancake...(Ya right she knows me i love eatting)

No seriously stop it

Yay Mommy you finally put the camera away!! Give me my food!

Now don't get me started on my daddy.. He dresses me in his shorts...
Another day another story!

"A to the V to the A"

School Begins!

First day of school picture!

Well I'm only like a month late with these pictures (are you suprised) don't be!! School has started back up again and in full swing! Blake seems to enjoy his classes as much as he can! He has an evening class this semester which is taking a little time to get use too...(I keep forgetting)!

Any whoo!

Ava turns one in 6 days, my how time flies!!
Ava also loves her baby!!

Lots and lots and lots of love b